Saiful: Fine reps who quit without good reason – Nation

Saiful: Fine reps who quit without good reason - Nation

PORT DICKSON: Independent candidate Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan will propose to the Electoral Reforms Committee to introduce legislation that imposes a heavy fine on elected representatives who resign without good reason.

Mohd Saiful said this was the first thing he would do if he wins the Port Dickson by-election.

“The former MP who resigned has been telling people that he will continue to be the eyes and ears of the PD people.

“If he really wanted to do just that, why resign in the first place?” he asked during his campaign rounds here yesterday.

He said such individuals should be slapped with fines of up to RM5mil because they not only wasted the people’s time but also betrayed their trust.

He was referring to Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah who resigned as Port Dickson MP to make way for PKR president-elect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Mohd Saiful claimed that a private company was sponsoring a billboard to promote Anwar during the campaign period.

He questioned how the company was able to put its logo and name on election material in support of Anwar.

“Can a private company sponsor the huge billboard? Did the company get something out of it?” he asked.

Mohd Saiful, who described himself as an ordinary man and the youngest of all aspirants, said although he was already facing a strong contestant, he was not giving up as he wanted to serve the people.

“I chose Port Dickson because I wish to make a grand entry into politics and Parliament even if I have to fight an army which is well-equipped,” he said.

Mohd Saiful also claimed he was alone in this fight and was not sponsored by anyone.

“I am doing it for the love of my country and continued political stability.

“We cannot have a man who triggered this by-election and wasted public funds just to fulfil his political ambition,” he said.

He appealed for public donations so that he could carry out his campaign effectively.

“I truly need your support because as you can see I have not been able to put up any posters or banners,” he said.

He also welcomed volunteers to help in his campaign.

Asked if he would join any political party if he won, Mohd Saiful said none of the existing parties shared his ideology.

“I would remain an independent as I feel that’s what makes me happy,” he said.

He refused to comment on talk that Anwar’s detractors would use sex videos allegedly featuring the PKR president-elect to derail his campaign.

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