Rafidah: Pakatan will overcome all issues, but lower your expectations – Nation

Rafidah: Pakatan will overcome all issues, but lower your expectations - Nation

GEORGE TOWN: People who voted for Pakatan Harapan should understand reality and lower their expectations, says Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

The former International Trade and Industry Minister said the present government only became fully aware of the current issues the country faced after they took over the reins.

“It was not in perfect shape, and people must realise it’s not easy to fulfil all the promises made,” said Rafidah at the ‘Nurture, Engage and Exchange 2018 Penang’ Leadership Conference here on Saturday (Nov 10).

“However, we will be able to overcome all issues, including the debts, as we have faced such crises before.

“We had negative growth during the 1997 crisis, and we manage to overcome and rebuild the nation because the people, including the opposition, were supportive of our policies then.”

Rafidah said the opposition should be a partner in the development of the nation, rather than opposing everything the government did.

“The country needs both the government and the opposition in a partnership for democracy to function effectively,” she said.

On women and leadership matters, Rafidah urged women to be leaders in their homes and in bringing up their children.

“In the pursuit of being leaders, children are neglected and we have many cases of them growing into kleptos and bullies.”

On the question of whether Pakatan was banking on only one leader to steer the government through, Rafidah said no one would be around forever.

“There will be a new leader who will carry on what was left behind and improve on it to carry the country forward.

“I was beside Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed when he declared Vision 2020, and the irony is that Tun is back to realise the vision,” she said.




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