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KUANTAN: The Lynas executive review committee has visited the rare earth refinery in Gebeng here. 

Lynas chief executive officer Amanda Lacaze said the company showed the committee every “nook and cranny” of the plant during the visit that lasted the entire Saturday.

“I don’t think it is proper to talk about the particulars of the visit, as we feel it is important for the review committee to complete its work.

“However, we are very happy they spent so long with us today. It’s a very good opportunity for us to show them what we actually do at our plant,” she said when met at a community gathering organised by Lynas at SK Balok here.

She added that there were also representatives from various agencies who were with the six members of the review committee during the visit.

Lacaze also said she would attend the public hearing set for Sunday (Nov 11) with Lynas staff.

“We have anticipated a review, and we are confident we will come out of it very well. We have practised a diligent and disciplined approach to our business.

“This is a terrific opportunity for us to explain our philosophy of zero harm to the people, community and environment,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lynas vice-president of people and culture Mimi Afzan Afza said the gathering had actually been planned more than a month ago and was not held in conjunction with the hearing.

She said the company had already organised 38 corporate social responsibility programmes this year.

Asked whether such programmes had changed the locals’ perception on Lynas, Mimi said they were more accepting of the company’s presence compared to a few years ago.

“But there are certain people who will not change their minds no matter what. We will just do our best for the community,” she said.

Kampung Balok resident Datuk Shaharuddin Shamsudin, 68, said although the local community was not very vocal, most of them felt Lynas was not an issue in their daily lives.

“It is now purely political. The people from Chendor to Beserah just cannot understand why the government is still talking about it, when there are more pressing issues in the country.

“We understand some projects initiated by the previous government have to be cancelled, but the new administration shouldn’t reverse the good ones,” he said.

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