Guan Eng: Finance Ministry wants to get ‘best value’ from Equanimity – Nation

Guan Eng: Finance Ministry wants to get 'best value' from Equanimity - Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: The Finance Ministry wants to get the best value from the superyacht Equanimity once it arrives in Malaysia, said Lim Guan Eng.

The Finance Minister said at a press conference on Monday (August 6) at Parliament that the immediate plan was to ensure that all paperwork is in order and that all proper controls are imposed.

“Our aim is to draw back as much money as we can from the asset.

“As for whether we get to keep the yacht, let the Attorney General explain that. The fact that the yacht is being sent here speaks for itself,” said Lim.

Asked about allegations that the United States-based International Republican Institute (IRI) has been working with the Malaysian opposition since 2002, Lim denied knowledge of such claims.

“Republicans are not fans of the DAP. We are also critical of them, especially their leaders like Trump.

“We have completely no contact with the IRI whatsoever,” he said.

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