‘Differing views on crooked bridge show democracy is alive,’ says Liew Chin Tong – Nation

'Differing views on crooked bridge show democracy is alive,' says Liew Chin Tong - Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: Having a different view on the “crooked bridge” project does not mean that the DAP is not on the same page with Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, says Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong.

“It shows that democracy is alive and a decision will only be made after discussions with all parties,” he told reporters at the parliament lobby on Thursday (Oct 18).

The Johor DAP chairman and senator said he had just given his suggestion on the matter, and stressed that a decision on the project had not been arrived at yet.

“It is just a proposal, and nothing has yet to be finalised.”

Liew said this after he was asked to comment on whether the objection meant that DAP disagreed with Tun Dr Mahathir’s ideas.

On Wednesday (Oct 17), Liew said the “crooked bridge” project that the Johor government planned to revive was not a priority, and instead the third link project should be given the focus.

Liew reiterated that the goal should be about easing traffic congestion at the entry point between Johor and Singapore.

Liew said that the party was prepared to support a third bridge linking Johor to Singapore, as it was more important to ensure smoother traffic flow on both sides.

“The main focus should be to ensure smooth flow of people and traffic on both sides, which is why DAP is prepared to support the idea of a third bridge.

“So we think that the crooked bridge is not an immediate priority,” he said.


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