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POLICE have arrested five fugitives at the concert of Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Another 13 people who committed various crimes were also picked up during the concert in Xianyang city, China, on Sunday.

Cheung is fondly known as “crime buster” as in past few months, several wanted criminals were arrested at his concerts.

Xianyang police have since notified their counterparts in Kunming where Cheung would perform next.

Some netizens have proposed that Cheung should consider holding part of his concert tour in prisons where most of his fans would be.

> A man who spat by the roadside was stabbed by another man who was apparently upset by his action in Guangzhou, China.

China Press reported that the victim, identified only as He, is in stable condition after being stabbed seven times on the chest and hand.

He was chatting with someone before the attack on Thursday.

A family member of He said they were perplexed.

“He didn’t spit on the attacker. I don’t know why he stabbed He,” said the relative.

Passers-by who rescued He had to used a broom to stop the man from further attacks.

“The man sat there after the attack as if nothing happened,” said a passer-by.

Police arrested the attacker.

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